handcrafted custom furniture

Jack Berberich
1652 Powers st.
Cincinnati, Ohio

phone  513-541-3446


How it works

First, you have to think about the piece of furniture you want and how much you would like to spend.

Then give me a call so that we can arrange a meeting where we can discuss your ideas further, review different timbers and chat about the feasibility of your project and the budget.

From this first discussion I can develop the design idea and give you an initial estimate of the price. I usually charge a nominal design fee at this stage, which will be waived if you proceed with the commission.

When you’re happy with the design and a price is agreed, I’ll draw up a schedule with a completion date. At this point I will require a deposit - usually 50% of the final cost and, once the deposit is paid, I’ll begin work. The final balance is due on delivery.

How long will it take? Well that all depends on the project. Custom furniture cannot be rushed. Unique designs, well seasoned timber, quality fittings and a durable finish all require time and expertise.

I will be happy to discuss your ideas and create a beautiful piece of furniture unique to you, so please get in touch.